Friday, September 15, 2017

10 Things women do that annoy men

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What is it that irritates men the most?

You may not agree with me, but these are 10 most common answers men say about things women do that annoy them.

Here are the things we all do sometimes that can be damaging for
our relationship.

1  Taking too long to get ready / endless shopping

Guys hate when you take forever to do your make up or your hair. They will get very impatient if you leave them waiting.

Especially if you are shopping for hours. They will get bored and it can only lead to one thing: arguing.

2  Too much make up

There is nothing less attractive than giving a guy a hug and transfer your face onto his shirt. Having too much make up on is

something that guys hate on a girl. If you didn't know, they actually notice when you go overboard with make up, especially with

foundation/bronzer. There is nothing wrong in wearing make up, but just remember to keep it light and fresh. 

3  Being indecisive

When your boyfriend asks you "Where do you want to eat?", don't just say that you don't care or say one thing and then change

your mind. Guys like it when you take control and when you know what you want.

4  Nagging

It is simple: don't complain all the time. If there is something bothering you, you should speak about it. But don't criticize or 

complain about little things. Instead of that, appreciate everything your boyfriend does. Nagging about how it is his turn to wash 

the dishes or how he plays video games too much doesn't help. It only makes the situation worse. Being told what to do or how 

you are not doing it right only makes both partner feel like children.

5  Jealousy

Jealousy can be a major relationship problem. Not only you can start a fight if you are jealous, but you can actually make your

boyfriend break up with you. Men don't like when women accuse them of cheating and that is the most common thing when it

comes to jealousy.

6  Being insecure

Confidence is really important, guys say it is a turn- on when they see a confident woman. Stop looking at your flaws, embrace 

them instead. Never compare yourself to other girls. Also, one question that all men hate is: "Do I look fat in this?".

7   The drama queens and the troublemakers

Guys hate when their girlfriends act crazy and spoiled. No one likes it when a woman starts drama out of nothing. They will get 

easily annoyed if you try to argue about silly things. Especially if you try to make a scene when you are in public. It is not worth 

it, just let it go. 

8  Overanalyzing situations and conversations

Men are not the best in reading between the lines. Don't try to find hidden meaning in a conversation. Usually, women are

the one who understand emotions and men are clueless. Put your emotions aside and try to look at a situation as calm as


9  Lack of trust / spying / invasion of personal space

If you don't trust your boyfriend, why are you in a relationship? Taking your boyfriends phone, reading his messages, constantly 

asking him where he is will lead to a break up. Trust is very important in a relationship. 

10  Needy girlfriend

Not only you should respect your boyfriend's privacy, but you should also let him spend time with his friends. Don't smother him

with texts. Men need their time with friends and don't expect that you are going to be together 24/7.

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Do you have more suggestions what women do that annoy men? Comment down below. :)


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